The Local Delivery Team are aware that some of you have already commenced pre-season training for both Colts and Seniors. We’d just like to remind you all of the responsibility we have for young players welfare and the requirement to only run activities that are permitted by the Regulations.

The age group of a player is determined by their age on 31st August at the beginning of each season, i.e. players who were U16s for season 2016-17 remain U16s until 31st August and only thereafter move up to U17s. As this current period is out of season, only RFU defined “out of season” activity is permitted for young players. For players who are U12s to U18s (i.e. their age group for the past season), they are permitted to:

• Perform non-contact training and play non-contact versions of rugby (tag & touch)

• Play 7-a-side contact rugby within their own age group

• Perform skills revision training, pre-season matches 2 weeks immediately prior to the start of the season (2017-18 season commences on Sat 2nd Sep – skills revision training can only take place from 19th August onwards)

(RFU Regulation 15.6.2 refers)

Young players can only play and train for adult contact rugby when they reach their 17th birthday provided:

• They have been assessed (by a Level 2 coach) as capable of playing with adults; and

• The RFU’s Playing Adult Rugby Form has been duly completed, signed and actioned; and

• The player does not train or play in the front row of the contested scrum

(RFU Regulation 15.37 refers)

If a club fails to adhere to these regulations they will face RFU sanctions (listed at Regulation 19 Appendix 2) which may be increased to reflect aggravating features or reduced to reflect mitigating factors.

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